Tuesday, 24 September 2013

On my lovely table. . . .

There hasn't been much happening on my lovely table over the last week. The sewing I did on Friday is a secret until later this week, so no more photos until then.

One big project going on at our house is - packing!

No we are not moving, we are (hopefully) having a new central heating system fitted, starting next week. This means packing away all my fabric and craft stuff and putting it in the garage. 
No quick sewing projects or a bit of knitting - nothing.

Next week we will have no heating or hot water. . . 

So  I hope everyone else is having a crafty time but for me I will just have to make do with some 'craft shopping'. Yes we are going to Yarndale, this will lift my spirits!! 


  1. Lets hope it stays warm this next week...

    1. I do feel a bit panicky!! Every room in the house will have the floor up to put in new pipes and radiators. The dirt, the mess, the redecorating and cold weather!!!!

  2. I hope the installation doesn't take too long! It's not fun trying to live around a construction project!