Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bank Holiday Phobia!!

I don't really like Bank Holidays, we very rarely go out and tend to have stay at home days. I always think it will be far too busy where-ever we go, full of the bank holiday crowds!!

This August Bank holiday the weather here was glorious, we really needed to go out.

We loaded up our picnic basket and the children's scooters and set off. We had thought of heading to the beach, but ooh that would be way too busy. . .

We decided 'on route' to go to Lancaster for a walk/scoot along the canal.

We parked out of the city, along the side of the canal. The children scooted along, looking for fish, ducks swans, etc. After a while we turned off the canal and headed towards the city center. We passed one of my favorite shops, Viva Interiors, they sell lovely things for little girls & boys. Sadly it was shut, boo to Bank Holidays!

We went to a few shops, then headed for the castle

We have visited Lancaster for longer than I can remember and the castle's main gates have always been shut.  Up until quite recently the castle was still being used as a prison but now they are finally open. You can take a tour, sit on the grass, have a coffee in the cafe. . . we did sit on the grass but didn't have time for the tour or the coffee and cake. 

We went back towards the canal, this time dreaming of living on the bank of the canal. Maybe having a little boat house or fishing at the end of you garden. . . . 


  1. Have not been to Lancaster for a long time,we used to go every year with our Nana to get our winter coat..not visited the parts you have shown it looks really nice.

  2. We like to stay at home on bank hols too ... your day out did sound lovely though!