Friday, 9 August 2013

Picnic Basket.

Last week I bought the Granny Chic book, I haven't had a proper look through it yet but was inspired by the image of a picnic basket.

I had to have one, now. So instead of concentrating on packing for our camping trip, I took a trip with my Sister to a local antique/retro/bric a brac/sort of shop.

I bought a basket. . . . .

I took the basket camping, just to store 'stuff' in, but really it was crying out for a cover.
So last night after we unpacked I had a rummage through my fabric.
The cover is double layered with a channel around the top for a drawstring. The draw string has a length of elastic in the center to make a snug fit around the basket.
(Sorry no  photos of the process, I was in a big hurry to get it finished)

Its a very simple cover that will be easily removed if it gets dirty. 
(there would be a full inquest with cross examinations and the family member may be banished from any further picnics!!)

So now we need an outing to try it out. 
(I won't be hand making sandwiches, I will just buy them from the shop and put them in)

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  1. Love the basket, I lined a similar one last year and it is much easier than you think to do.