Sunday, 25 August 2013

Random . . . .

There has been a bit more activity in our garden since the arrival of Agnes and Margo.
We've had them out of the hutch nearly every day for a little bit of taming!!

I have the camera with me and I've taken loads of rabbit photos.

But surprisingly the photos haven't been very good.

Poor Agnes had to have a bath last week, she had a bit of trouble with her long hair and runny p**.
I'm hoping it was because she had eaten too much grass, so she is back on dry food only.
(any advice is more than welcome, bathing a rabbit is not something I want to do again!!)

Margo has developed a liking for the camera, so all shots of her are super CLOSE UPS.

Tonight I will be sewing again, name tags on uniform.


  1. Your flowers look lovely...not ready for summer to end.......

  2. Does your bun eat a complete food like Excel rather than museli? If it eats museli make sure it's eating all of it not just picking the bits it likes. If it's runny decrease food and greens and up up up the hay.

    1. At the moment she's on a baby rabbit nugget from pets at home. There is a slight improvement. We really want to let them out into there run but its on grass!! I really don't want to bath her again it was traumatic for us both. We will defiantly put more hay in and just keep a check on her! Thanks for the feedback. Sarah

    2. Glad there's some improvement. I have never bathed a rabbit and can't imagine how stressful it would be, then again your baby bun probably isn't as cross at the world as my big grey thing!

      And entire nugget is good, she can't selectively eat. Hopefully the hay will do the trick, your vet might advise over the phone if you call them too (although again I wonder if my vet just wants to avoid dealing with big grey bunny in the flesh). Bunny digestion is a weird and wonderful thing.

  3. It shouldn't be possible for a rabbit to eat too much grass, as it is in essence hay with added moisture. (You might find that she drinks less when having eaten lots of hay.)

    Hay is the key to a clean bum. Lots, and lots and lots. They suggest a handful at least the size of the rabbit a day (more if needed.) As for pellets, they shouldn't need many, and too many will cause a messy bum (as will too many sugary fruit and veg.)

    Ali xx