Thursday, 8 August 2013

Internet, Camping and Monsoon weather.

Where has the time gone. . .
Last week we had no internet. Shock Horror. No surfing, no catching up on blogs, no blog posting  and no work related emails!!!
Then before the problem was resolved we packed up to go camping.

The car, as always was full to bursting. (note my new basket - basket project to follow!)

We set up camp on Sunday, just outside the village of Hawkshead in the Lake District. The campsite was called Hawkshead Hall, we haven't been before but would definitely recommend it.
Its just a short walk into the village and its not along the road side. (so no not so much yelling at the children to be careful)


We had a lovely BBQ on Sunday night, then it started to rain... and rain.... and rain. Our tent has survived lots of showers but the water pooled on top of the tent and by Monday morning we nearly had a calapse.

Luckily my Sister had a tarpaulin which we covered the tent with and went out. (well you can't just sit and watch the rain!!)

We headed to Ambleside and then onto Grasmere. The weather didn't encourage much photo taking other than the outside of the lovely gingerbread shop and yes I bought some, it is delicious!!

The tent was still standing when we got back so we booked for another night.

Tuesday the weather was much better and we headed out to Grizedale Forrest.

We did look for the sculptures but maybe we should have got a map !!

On  Wednesday the weather was even better, glorious sunshine. 

We went to Rydal, just outside of Ambleside and had a walk along the Coffin Road (or corpse road).

"Corpse roads provided a practical means for transporting corpses, often from remote communities, to cemeteries that had burial rights, such as parish churches and chapels of ease"
taken from Wikipedia.

The views are beautiful, often with glimpses of the lake through the trees.

Once again we stopped in Grasmere, this time with much better weather.

We headed back along the same route but had a few more rest stops (it was very hot).

My little boy is often called 'eagle eyes', he can spot a bug or a spider in a flash.
(He is still unable to locate his shoes before school, but that's something else)

On our walk back he spotted this beetle. He wanted some photos so he could find in in his bug book.

Back home today, the tent and all the stuff is packed away, the washing line is full and the washing machine is still going, but we had a great time.

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  1. Looks like you had a good time,a lovely part of the country to spend some time...