Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Birthday Number 3, On my lovely table, fishing......

So this is a very quick post.

First we had summer birthday number 3, that would be mine and  I had a lovely day.

Some lovely books. . .  (on my lovely table)

and cake,  (on my lovely table)

And a bit more cake. (on my lovely table)

Then making three sets of caravan curtains!! (Yes, I made them on my birthday) 
(on my lovely table)

Yesterday the weather forecast said it would rain for most of the day.

We planned a stay at home day, but the rain didn't arrive, so we took a small fishing trip.

Sorry for the 'three in one' post, it does feel very rushed, hopefully next time I'll have a little more time. 
Bye for now. . .  


  1. Might have said this all ready but Happy Birthday,looks like you had a good day...