Thursday, 4 July 2013

Boy vs Wild. . .

The party preparations are in full swing for the second Birthday we have in July.

This is for my little boy, this year we are doing a 'Bear Grylls' theme. Boy vs Wild. My Mum has kindly offered her garden for the party as she has more room (I asked and she couldn't say no).

In the passed we have put out balloon to help people find the party, these always POP. So I thought I would make a flag. . . . 

So just to remind you . . . 
So all I needed to do was enlarge the image so it was big enough for a flag. Sounds simple if you own a photocopier but I don't. So I printed it in sections, stuck them together, traced it onto grease proof paper, then transferred it onto iron on stiffening. 

The orange fabric was very thin so I thought the stiffening would make it easier to sew.

Then to hold it all together I sewed along the lines on the machine.

I had hoped to keep the text all attached together but I couldn't work out how to sew it to the flag. So it all needed cutting out.

Then I had to pin it all back together . . 

The blue fabric that I've used for the flag is hard to cope with. It frays, leaving blue thread everywhere and you can't iron it very easily because it melts, it sounds great doesn't it? but it was the right colour to go with the orange.

Needless to say I did create a bit of a mess.

So the finished flag 
(I still need to get a flag pole, I'm thinking a very long garden cane)

Please try and ignore the creases, I will go and iron it now. 
(wish me luck, it better not melt!!)

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