Thursday, 18 July 2013

Simplicity skirt.

A few weeks ago I bought a sewing pattern, unfortunately I got the wrong size.

I then spent a full day attempting to exchange it for the larger size. The shop I purchased it from wouldn't change it even though they never actually told me it was non returnable!!!!!

Anyway one phone call to Simplicity and all my problems where solved (no I didn't miraculously lose weight, they sent me a new pattern)

So onto the sewing. First I read and re-read the pattern. Then I started to make the skirt out of some calico to check I had the right size.

I always trace the pattern off the sheet using grease proof paper.

The pattern starts to make more sense as you go.

 I didn't finish the first skirt (it was obviously not the right size)

So I traced another set of patterns and got on with the chosen fabric.

This time it was quicker, having already done the first few steps before.

Next was the zip / yoke area.

Back to reading the pattern (with some raspberry cider)

I finished the skirt at the weekend. Then took it to my Mums for her opinion. 
We decided it needed a few modifications.  . . . . 

I added some ribbon and made it slightly straighter and a little shorter.

So the finished skirt (the colour looks a bit washed out in the photo)

I do have a little confession to make, I haven't worn a skirt since school and that's over twenty years ago.

 I'd love to make another because I really enjoyed it but first I must try and wear it!!!!!!


  1. That's a great little skirt. I rarely wear skirts but so much cooler in this heat!

    1. The weather will probably break on the day I decide to wear it. Maybe I should attempt a winter skirt, then I've more time to get use to the idea of 'me in a skirt'. !! Sarah