Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pet Sitting!

Who looks after your pets when you go on holiday? Well I'm lucky to have my Mum call in to feed our guinea pigs (and now bunnies) when we go away.
In return I feed her chickens when she's on holiday.
It all sounds simple until you meet the chickens!!

The sign at the gate warns you (beware cockerels)

Collect the food from the shed. . . . . 

March through the chickens up to the chicken shed. . . .  (don't show any fear)

Check your assistant is 'watching your back'

And if all else fails. . .  .RUN.

The reward today was four fresh eggs.

 And tomorrow . . . its not my turn. Good luck to my Sister, don't forget your running shoes . . . .


  1. My Grandad had Geese... There was no need for a guard dog,no one was getting in...

  2. We don't go on holiday because we have no-one to look after our rabbits and I have never seen a rabbit hotel where I'm happy with the amount of space they offer. So we holiday at home!