Sunday, 20 March 2016

Williamson Park

After being confined by cough/cold bugs for what seems like forever we finally ventured out on Saturday.

We headed up to Williamson Park  in Lancaster.

The children ran off through the woods, aiming to be the first to see Ashton Memorial.

Around the back of the Memorial is the Butterfly House. 

Butterflies are very difficult to photograph . . . .  

This Butterfly was having lunch!!

Ooh going down the steps is so much easier than going up.


  1. What a great day out, such a lovely place to visit. There really is a lot of steps, I can see that it must be quite the hike to get up them.

  2. Glad you are over your bug's !, nice day out.
    Amanda xx

  3. Gorgeous butterfly! Glad to hear you're getting over your bugs, a walk in the fresh air was probably just what was needed to blow the remnants away.