Monday, 18 May 2015

Frozen at Forty!!

This weekend we where all invited to a 'Frozen Themed' birthday party.

There had been lots of talk about Dressing Up!!

Me and my daughter bought cheap Frozen T shirts, but we struggled to get one for my son. (I didn't bother trying to get one for my other half) 

So Friday morning before school we made a simple fleece hat, checking it fits before he headed out to school. Then I just added the big teeth, eyes and carrot nose!!!

We also made some snowflake biscuits. The children did the decorating and 'cleaned' the icing bowl and 'tidied' away all the left over sprinkles!!!

The party went really well. All the biscuits where eaten and our outfits went down well! I have now passed my T shirt onto my Daughter, I'm really not sure there designed for anyone who's forty plus!!!

P.S He's got the hat on his hand in the photo above, it makes it look huge, but it only just fit.

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