Friday, 1 May 2015

Waiting for the weather . . . .

Like lots of you out there, I've been out in the garden these last few weeks.

The weather has been a bit unsettled this week, but still, the garden doesn't  tidy itself.

The other week I re-planted my white sink (above) with new alpines.

This made the tatty trellis above it look even worst, so after a rummage round in my Dads 'wood store' I set about making some new trellis.

Progress was slow. Although the photo looks like a bright sunny day, don't be fooled.
It was very cold and the black clouds came in quick, threatening rain.

I had to wait for assistance to put the new trellis up so as not to damage my clematis.
The resident of my bird house was not impressed, no not a bird, a bl**dy big bee.
I did try to get his/her photo, but he/she wasn't impressed. If anyone has any ideas what sort of bee it was I be really interested!! 

Back to the trellis. Its all done, the clematis is all tied in ready for the flowers.
Unfortunately the photo make the weeds look really bad, better get back out there. . . . . 


  1. Looking very nice, you are right it has been so cold this week..big coat, scarf and gloves are back on.
    Amanda xx

  2. The sink looks really impressive, I love how you have recycled things for planting. Good job on the trellis, that's a job we need to do.