Thursday, 4 August 2016

Campfire and cakes

We have been dodging the showers this week, which means we've spent way too much time indoors, at home.

We did manage a little 'wood burning', we had a nice cup of campfire tea and toasted marshmallows.

But today we had a plan to visit the Apple Store
(every time I say this at home, my other half panics about me buying a new Ipad!!!)

But its not that type of Apple Store!!

We arrived just after a busy lunchtime rush and managed to find a table for eight!

After lots of debating we all managed to order.

Tea, scones, banoffee pie, rocky road, more scones, coffee, earl grey, orange juice. . . . . . 
and lots of chatter.

As the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to shine, we had to have a look around out side.

The gardens are lovely, with lots of seating outside for those sunny days.

Beautiful buntings. . . . 

Down the little paths, we headed for the water. . . . 

Maybe a boat trip another day, when we've all got more energy

Someone else determined to get to the water was this family of ducks.

Frantically swimming up the weir.
(they obviously hadn't eaten there own weight in cake)

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  1. Love the Apple Store, definitely my kind of place. Always wonderful to stop and have tea and cake.