Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Making a rabbit hutch in a day (well nearly)

So if you read my blog you will know that we have a new rabbit.

We needed a hutch and fast. BB8 (The Rabbit) was living in the garage in a dog crate, being lifted out on nice days and put back at night.

I know you can buy hutches at big named pet stores and that would be quick and the cost didn't put me off. But I've always ended up with very 'chewy' rabbits and I'm not convinced they are rabbit proof.

So with an eye on cost (I haven't grown my money tree yet) we headed to the local wood yard, this is where driving a small family bus comes in handy, although it was pretty close to Sons head!!. I'd already done some sketching, size calculations and located a space outside for the finished hutch!!!

I managed to get some roofing material off my brother-in-law and bought some mesh from the DIY store.

Everything was ready when we got back from York, we just needed a sunny day.

I had my sketches (on the back of a school letter) to refer to and any minor changes took place as we put it together.

All went well, just stopping for food it was nearly all done in the day.

With the roof attached, it was watertight.

Sunday morning we attached the catches ready for him to move in.

We've attached a run to the front so he can 'play out' but the little beast can jump out, from a standing start, straight over the top!! So he needs supervision until I can sort out a mesh/net top.

But hes still a handsome chap.

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