Sunday, 31 July 2016

All weather camping (again)

The last 'part week' of the school term, hallelujah.

I had a Birthday and my Daughter made a surprise birthday cake whilst I was at work. 
(and I got a new watering can, like you do!!)

Then Wednesday morning we packed up the car for a family camping trip.

We camped just outside Hawkshead at our favourite camp site, Hawkshead Hall.

The site is immaculate, not too many tents crammed on, clean & warm toilet block, free showers and they have free wifi in the TV room.

There's a path into the village, avoiding all the traffic.

This years we camped with both my sisters and there families.

On the first day we had lovely weather and after a walk into Hawkshead we played cricket but on a hill!!! (Obviously all level ground has a tent on, so its cricket on a hill or no cricket)

The second day was wet. Wet when we got up, wet when we visited Keswick and wet all the way back to camp. So I didn't bother with photos!!!

On Friday we had a walk to the Cathedral Caves.

We visited in October last year when the weather was damp and autumnal.

But on Friday it really was glorious. 

All the blue sky you could ever want to see and every shade of green.

It really makes me wish I could paint (not emulsion and gloss, watercolour!!)

Every time we found water the children had to dip there hands in, cool water from the tops of the hills, perfect to cool down. (until the flicking and splashing starts) 

Half way round the walk, so maybe 2.5 miles you come across a small settlement of houses, how peaceful must that be, with just a few walkers passing your door and absolutely no traffic.
 (You couldn't even drive your own car to the door)

Onward to our lunch stop.

Then into the cave, having remembered the torch!!

The tunnel my son wanted to go through last time, but had forgotton his torch, was half full of water so it was a NO again.

But for the nimble footed there was a steep climb out of the cave.

The walk back was in semi shade, but still hot!!

As we neared the end, a deep discussion went on as to wether there would be an ice crean van on the car park. No, is the answer!!! 

Back to the campsite (via the ice cream shop) and it was more 'cricket on a hill'.

So we're back home and the washing machine hasn't stopped!! The tent is fully dried and packed away. The ironing pile is at a dangerous new level and the battle to keep the children away from technology is in full swing!!

Just looking back, we've stayed at Hawkshead Hall here, here & here

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  1. Sounds like a great break away. We haven't been camping for many years but I do remember them with fondness.