Saturday, 16 July 2016

Getting a head start.

So last year we had a summer 'project' involving a family of little people (lego people). On our days out we would find a suitable position and photograph our 'little family' out and about.

This year I've  we've set ourselves a cycling challenge.

Printed out, and lurking behind the kitchen door is a map of the whole of the Lancaster Canal.

The aim is to cycle the whole length in easy, family sized chunks!!

In a bid to get a head start, we set off today to do a small section.

Starting near Woodplumpton at bridge 35.

Along a very over grown path.

Stopping for lots of snacks.

At this point the brambles, nettles and canal side plants where over 6 foot high and the temptation to leave up this inviting set of steps nearly got the better of me. But we ploughed on.

Carefully watching the path payed off when I spotted this beautiful moth.

With the promise of an icecream we reached Barton Grange Garden centre (bridge 47)

Then the cycle back to the car, cutting out sections of overgrown canal and opting for the footpath near a busy road. In total we did just over 10 miles.


  1. Looked your moth up and I think it's a garden tiger! Lovely find. Your project is a great idea - looking forward to folowing your progress. X

    1. Thanks Julie for looking up the moth. It really was beautiful. Because the vegetation was so high it took all our concentration just to stay on the path, I was surprised we saw anything!!! Sarah

  2. Impressive cycle, such a great idea. Looking forward to the next tour.