Friday, 22 July 2016

Meltdown Month

July always sends me on my way to some sort of meltdown.

The end of the school year -
3 primary school plays
1 high school summer show
1 awards ceromony
1 sports day and a backup day
1 child on a three day trip to London
1 sponsored walk
1 sposored 'human water pipeline'
1 summer fair
3 family birthdays

I've also had a job/work interview, which was ok and they will send some work my way.
(being self employed means work is always famine or feast)

I'm in my second month of being dairy free, so all Birthday baking has been. . . . . different!!!

And today, after I finish making another Birthday cake I have a funeral to go to.
A very lovely Lady who always took time to chat when I had my children and I walked endlessly passed her house. Sometimes you really are lucky with your neighbours and even after we moved it was always lovely to go round for a chat.

So after a long week, I have a Birthday party for 10 years old on sunday. . . . ooh lovely and relaxing!!

We're still at school/work on monday & tuesday, then I'll do a mad /frantic pack on tuesday night to go camping on wednesday.

Ooh I think I need another cup of tea and maybe a chat with Agnes (above in photo) shes such a good listener.

This 'meltdown feeling' is nothing new, when I look back at my blog it just seems to be a normal July.  See here & here

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  1. That was quite the list for July, I am so glad I don't have school commitments anymore. So sorry to hear about the loss of your frind.