Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!

Today was Mothers Day here in the UK. As with many occasions, the commercial side takes over. You can buy Mothers day cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates EVERYWHERE!!

We always opt for breakfast in bed (normally pretty early) and hand made cards. How relaxing to hear the discussion of what to make, followed by the sound of children balancing a tray whilst walking up stairs. All the time, fully expecting a loud crash!!!

This year my Daughter decided to make a cake for Grandma!!

This cake tin needs a 8 egg mix!! Once the baking is done (nearly one hour) the cake needs to cool. Last time I became impatient and iced it when it was still slightly warm. Not the best idea! This time I left the cake over night.

My daughter made a flag for the top. Then we just had to transport it to my Mums.

We had a lovely time, both my Sisters (and families) came to visit. We sampled cake and the children played. Happy Mothers Day!!

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