Thursday, 7 March 2013

Book Day!!

So this week at school we have book day - where you go to school dressed as your favourite character from a book you've read.

My daughter decided to go as Lucy from the Chronicle's of Narnia. So on Sunday we did some sewing, making daggers, more sewing, making potion bottles(!!), more sewing, etc

This morning she tried the outfit on and was happy (bonus). Off she went to school.

My little boy has some very definite ideas. Although he has several shop bought outfits he said they wouldn't do, because he hadn't read the books. I suggested Harry Potter (because I would be able to rustle up an outfit) but once again he hadn't read the books!!

This morning he said he would go as Spiderman.
 (Yippee happy child and happy Mum)
Two minutes before we set off to school, the outfit was on the floor and a sulky look had spread across his face. 
So I stuffed an outfit in his bag and took him to school.

Please let him have a good day and come home with a smile on his face...

Is it just boys, or just my boy?

How glad am I that I hadn't spent all of Sunday sewing an outfit for him!!!


  1. My son is just the same .. Maybe it's in the genes or maybe it's just BOYS .... Have a good day .

  2. I Hope all went well!! i think it's girls of around 6 too as that situation sounded very familiar!!! xxx

  3. Yes definately a boy thing..and just think yourself lucky , my hubby is a works in a school and also needed a costume!Your Lucy costume is fab, I wish I could sew. I need a monster costume for Red nose Day..the fun never ends. LOL!