Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sand in my shoes. . . . .

Another day, another walk!!

This time I had gained two extra children and had my Mum along for company.

We headed over to the beach, just next to Blackpool.

Some of the children had a paddle.

Treasure was collected (I have a few stones and shells in my bag) and the dunes where jumped in.
We took loads of sand back to the car!!

In other news we have two new additions to our pet collection.


  1. Lovely walk and fabby new pets.

  2. We had a day trip on the train to Morecambe to day, looked out for Lancaster Castle on our way, could just see it through the trees.
    My friend was very impressed with Morecambe, had coffee in the Midland Hotel !! beautiful day...
    Amanda xx

  3. I brought lots of sand home with me from the beach this week too!