Sunday, 25 January 2015

Just keep knitting . . .

Way back in August last year I started a knitting project. . . The first project was a hat for my daughter which I finished.

The next thing I started was a 'Winter Cape' for me.

I didn't buy the wool suggested (I know what your thinking  WHY?,Well the wool shown was expensive. If I start a project thinking I 'overspent' I don't enjoy it.)

So I started the knitting knowing I would have to adjust the pattern. I'm not very good at this!!

Everything was going well, But I couldn't try it on as my needles wouldn't fit around  my body!!

I showed a few people as I went along, asking how long should I make it? They all kept saying 'OOh I'd knit a bit more'

So I just kept knitting. . . . 
Finally I cast off and tried it on. . . . . 

It was about two months worth of knitting too long, ooh b#gg#r

So I marked where the excess was then carefully pulled it back.

Then ever so carefully picked up the stitches. (it was very tense)

So I redid the rib around the bottom and cast off. I was obviously still pretty tense, because the cast off was tooo tight. So once again I took it back.

 Finally after casting off  'with relaxed shoulders, breathe, keep it loose, concentrate, relax. . . '

Its finished, have I worn it? No
Do I like it? Not sure.
Will I make another? No
Will I listen when people tell me to just keep knitting? NO


  1. Although its called a Winter cape I think it would be perfect for the Spring when you still need something warm but not a coat. Its beautiful, such a shame you had to pull it all back, but its perfect now, well done.

  2. Oh, what a hilarious and frustrating post. So much work and reworking and you have gone right off it, what a pity. For what its worth I think it is lovely and very neat. Maybe put it away till next year till your annoyance has subsided then it might be a nice surprise?