Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sewing Curves . . . .

I have been spending a lot little bit of time over on Pinterest looking at cushions / quilted curves.

I Pinned a few images with the thought that I would have a go 'when I had some time'

This morning I decided to make time
(This is done by ignoring all the house work!! Its actually easier than you think))

I drew out the basic idea, then had a look for some Guides/Tutorials.

Lots of cutting followed, lots of sewing and the obligatory ironing, with a small 'chocolate coin' break.

I did have to break off to do the school run.

I'm thinking of making the panel into a cushion, but that will have to wait until another day.

Then the worst bit, clearing the table!!!!


  1. Love the shades of green, a great panel.

    1. I love green. I'm trying to move away from my normal red towards green. It's strange how some colours just appeal to you!!! Sarah

  2. That is a fascinating pattern; it looks so good.

    1. I did enjoy the curves, but not sure about anything bigger. Just need some time now to convert it into a cushion!!! Sarah