Thursday, 8 January 2015

Attacking the list!!

It was back to school and work this week at our house. I started the week with a long list of 'things to do'. 
Monday was take down the tree and all the decorations. 
Tuesday was a general tidy up and clean day. 
Then a phone call from school. . . . . . my little boy had been sick, could I come and collect him. . . . 

The list was abandoned. . . . 

Wednesday was TV watching and a bit of ironing for me.

Today has been a little more productive.

Yes I recovered my footstool (not very exciting, but it was on my list on monday).

So now we can watch Jurassic Park. . . .  

Maybe tomorrow I can get on with the list.


  1. Hope your son is feeling better soon.

    1. It's day three of 'illness' and I'm going crazy!!! Sometimes it's lovely being home ALL day, but I'm really ready to GO OUT! Sarah

  2. Hope he is now feeling better, my son should have started back at college on wed, only to be told the course has been put back till 26 th Jan, so more weeks of ! Plans gone out of window.
    Amanda xx

    1. We've passed the sickness bit of the bug (thank goodness) but it's now temperature and cough/cold. I'm just debating what jobs can I do whilst he sleeps? They need to be really quiet ! (I'll probably just surf the Internet). I think as soon as you form a 'plan' in your head, something will be sent to upset it!!! Sarah

  3. Lists are made to be ignored, especially when the Bugs come knocking! I hope you had one of those days when he wasn't well enough for school, but was well enough to have fun with. I used to love those days! Now mine are all at senior school they are either ill or in (sad face)