Thursday, 23 May 2013

The gift that just keeps giving.

Last year I told you all about my love of Auriculas (garden plant). I then received three plants off a friend and a packet of collected seeds.

Well time passes and if your lucky things grow.

The three plants given have not only survived the winter but they have also flowered.

The first two are beautiful. The third was taking a little longer to flower but yesterday I manage to get a photo.

How exciting, a double or maybe a triple!!

The seed I received was sown last year. Surprisingly (for me!) the seedlings came through.

I've now planted them all up in bigger pots.

How exciting, what will the flowers be like, will they survive long enough, where are they all going to live???

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  1. I do love these plants they look nice all lined up in there terracotta pots.