Thursday, 30 May 2013

Red Bank Farm

We have all made it back from our camping trip. The forecast wasn't great, it was a little chilly and ooh was it windy.

I would love to say we travel light, but we take loads!!

We got to the campsite in fine weather and got the tent up before it rained.

The children love to camp. We meet up with both my sisters and families, so had a great age range of children to entertain each other.

We had some lovely walks down by the sea and only one child fell in (my little boy!!)

We took a trip to the lovely village of Arnside.  There are some beautiful seaside houses and little shops.

This is my little boys favorite cow in the field next to our tent. He spent quite a lot of time chatting with it and was sad when it couldn't come home with us.

Back home, the washing machine is on its third load, the ironing is piling up. . . .

But tomorrow we are heading to Holker Hall Garden Festival.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the camping. Hooray! your car looked as packed up as ours was last week, with only 2 people and a dog. I think I need more packing practice. Any excuse to get up and go!
    Wendy x