Sunday, 2 June 2013

Holker Garden Festival

On Friday we made our annual Family day out to Holker Garden Festival. Originally, over ten years ago, I would just go with my Mum. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter (due two weeks after the show) I didn't feel like doing the drive.

So more family came (including a designated driver!!)

Now years later, we had a family group of thirteen!!

The Show is set in the country park right next to the main house.

It has beautiful displays in the main 'big tent' 

They had vintage vehicles and a small fairground. The fairground was free, so most of us had a couple of goes on the 'merry go round'. I got a horse but I'm told the chicken was best!!!

After lunch we headed up to the house. On festival days the gardens are free to look around and are well worth a visit.

We had a glorious day and I even bought a few plants.

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