Friday, 14 June 2013

Stack and Whack

This is a book I bought ages ago. I've used it once to make my first easy quilt. 

I haven't done much sewing recently and wanted a simple, small project. So I went back to the book to make the same quilt but a mini version!!

I always play it safe with fabric, always coordinating very rarely clashing.

I tried my best to avoid my usual red selection....

The size of the fabric rectangles was determined by a small sample of Cath Kidston star fabric.

As the quilt description suggest, you stack the fabric then whack it (cut it)

Then sew it all back together. 

Lots of ironing is required.

Then the debate begins, what to do with all the new rectangles . . . . 

The decision was made and the sewing has begun. Hopefully more to follow soon. 
I just need to tidy up a little first, ooh and wash some new 'bargain' fabric I got yesterday. . . 


  1. Well it looks good so far,I have started doing a bit of Hexie paper piecing this week.Will try and put some photos on my blog this week. How big are you going..quilt or cushion...

  2. I have this book too. I have yet to try out this method, but looking at your fabrics, and photos I will be giving it a go!
    Wendy x