Monday, 10 June 2013

On my lovely table . . .

Its been pretty quiet on my lovely table over the past week.

This time last week we had two inset days at school. So with the children being at home, I booked the days off work, the weather was glorious, so we spent the time outside.

The bonus of good weather is my table is often like this...

Over the weekend we did make some Focaccia bread.

We had been invited to a party and this was my contribution. Still hot from the oven it was all wrapped up, but I forgot to photograph it !!! It was really good. . . 

Sunday was partially cancelled due to a bout of sickness
(overeating + too much sun)
Last night I had the pleasure of sharing my bed with a 'sick bucket' and a small boy. Its not really the quality sleep required for the start of the week, but he's all better now (back to his chatty self).

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