Saturday, 22 June 2013

Party Preparations!!!!

Well what a day. . .
All the plans you make for your weekend are thrown out of the window when you hear the night time call 'Mum, I've been sick'.

So today has been a stay at home day. The morning was filled with washing bedding and carpets ! say no more...

This afternoon I turned my attention to my daughters Party Preparations. Party bags - I find these are no longer given at more grown up children's parties. So I thought we would have popcorn boxes filled with sweets and a party cake on top.

First I made a template,

 Then I added a curved top using a 'household template'

Then just cut them out of white card.

This is when your thankful the guest list is short!!

The red stripes are Decor Tape from Hobby Craft.

Using the same image we used for the invites I made some Thank you messages to stick on the boxes.

Then the double sided tape came out to make up the boxes. It really only gives you one chance to get them right (very, very sticky)

I am really happy with the finished boxes, I want one really  . .  . 


  1. Love the popcorn boxes, what a genius idea!
    R x

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping to fill them with sweets, but that's just another thing on the 'to-do' list. Sarah

  2. How clever and original! I bet they were a big hit!

    1. The party is on Friday, so fingers crossed they are a success!!! Anything filled with sweets and topped with a cake is likely to go down well. Sarah