Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Bag!!

On Thursday I took a trip to the shops. I really wanted a new 'across the body' handbag. But nothing I found was just right.

On the way back I called at Abakhan Fabrics and got a 60p bundle of fabric.

White cotton type fabric, a piece of beige fleece and some blue thin cotton. The blue fabric was just the right colour for a bag!!

Friday I started to make my bag. The pattern developed along the way and was partially tailored to the fabric.

I often use household templates like. . . . plates.

I had to have a spot of spots on my bag, the interior has to be bright and bold.

The outer bag is double thickness and the inside is just single thickness.

This is a progress shot, taken at lunchtime (it didn't improve)

In the past I've made bags only to find in use that the strap is too short or too long. This time I made the strap in two pieces and put fake buttons on at the join. If I think it needs adjusting it won't be a huge job.

Now for the 'dangly bit' you get on bags. My daughter made some lovely owls a few years ago and I used them for inspiration.

I really enjoyed making my little owl. I tidied up all the ends whilst watching The Hobbit (and left the messy table for another day!!!)

So that's the finished bag. Its getting a try out today, first a children's party then a shopping trip with my daughter.
(I better tackle the mess on the table before I go, don't want to have it waiting for me when I get home!!)

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