Saturday, 28 February 2015

10,000 a day. . . . .

Around Christmas time I bought myself a tracker (not the sort the police attach to offenders!!).

As the weeks have passed I have increased the amount of steps per week.

Often I walk alone, during the day, head down and march on.

Today I involved the family. This is more difficult as boredom sets in pretty quick.

We visited Blackpool. We had a few shopping errands to do then we headed for the prom.

We don't normally visit the main prom, preferring the quieter parts of the beach & prom, but we all enjoyed the Comedy Carpet.

On the way home we visited the fabric shop, well its World Book Day this week so we need an outfit. . . .


  1. Lovely set of photos, especially the Canada geese, and how nice to be able to walk on the sea frount. I have had a fitbit for some years now, last year I managed to walk 2440 miles, can walk up to five miles just at work. I love having it and would feel a little lost without it.
    Amanda xx

    1. I don't do a lot of walking during work, pretty much sit all day, even the school run is very short. So to fit in 10000 steps a day is a real challenge especially when it gets dark so early!! Your doing really well 2440 miles in a year, the fitbit is a real motivator. Sarah