Thursday, 5 March 2015

What a lovely set . . . . .

So this morning after dropping Ron Weasley off at school (World Book Day outfit) to be looked after by a man in a dress, I came home and admired my tins!!

Yes My new lovely set of cake tins.

But something was missing . . . . 

Yes cake!! 

Nothing fancy, just a boiled fruit cake and

Some jam buns.

I'll tell you something I hate about round cakes, you cant have a sneaky piece without it being obvious, but jam buns. . . . . well maybe just one.


  1. Love the tins, I like this pattern and your cakes look yummy. I must find time to do some baking..
    Amanda xx

    1. I try not to bake too much because I shouldn't really be eating cake!! It cancels out my 10000 steps a day. Sarah

  2. Great tins and the cakes look delicious. I love fruit cake.

    1. I made fruit cake because it last longer than sponge cake, but they all go pretty fast at our house. The other thing is you can count it as one of your 5 a day!! ( I don't really think that but it would be great if it where true, all that cake with a clear conscience) sarah