Sunday, 22 March 2015

And the sun shone. . . . .

Where has the week gone? Its whizzed by.

We've had lots going on, school, swimming, parents evening, wedding outfit shopping, work, children's party  . . . 

Then we had a very cloudy eclipse

But finally the sun has shone.

We went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday (and I didn't break my ankle in shoes with a heal!!)

And today I did my Saturday jobs. The rabbits and guinea pig had a play on fresh grass as I pottered in the green house.

The biscuit tin came out and I've planted sweet peas, broad beans, basil, rudbeckia, poached egg plant, cosmos..... I thinks that's all.

Fingers crossed they hurry up as I'm not very patient with seeds!!


  1. I planted up a load of seeds at the weekend too. No luck with the eclipse here either.

  2. The eclipse made things very gloomy around here, followed by a glorious weekend and now: gloomy again.
    Hope your seeds germinate soon. It's warming up so you'll see green shoots soon :)
    S x