Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunny Bunny

Well the first weekend of the school holidays has nearly gone.

We've had lots of rainy weather in the Ribble Valley. 

We had a lovely day visiting family on Saturday and a 'stay at home & do nothing day' today.

I did manage to fit in some 'walking for one', just about managing to stay dry.

And now the sun is shining through my window casting a shadow of my bunny bunting, lots of sunny bunnies.

Here's hoping for lots more sun in the holidays.


  1. The shadows on the wall of your bunnies look lovely, we are just starting our two week holl, under North Yorkshire at work. My son is at collage under West Yorkshire and they don't brake up till next Wednesday. Sometimes I think they just make it all up as they go along through the year !!
    Amanda xx

  2. Fingers crossed for some dry weather for the holidays, the bunting shadows make a beautiful picture.