Saturday, 21 February 2015

Half Term Part 2

The second half of half term has flown by.
We have visited a couple of our favourite places. 

On Wednesday we arranged to meet some friends at Beacon Fell.

My daughter took photos whilst my friend and I tried to keep track of three very energetic boys!!!  

On Thursday we headed for Lytham.

The weather wasn't great and I couldn't face taking my gloves off for lots of photos.(sorry)

Then on Friday we had a big family day out.
 Both my sisters and children came, and my Mum and Dad.

We decided on a walk and a bit of shopping in Skipton.

On the muddy path my little boy fell face down in the mud!!
So the shopping was done with him covered in mud.

We still have Sunday left and only my Daughter goes back on Monday.

So maybe me and mud boy will have another trip out on Monday.

Hope everyones had a lovely Half Term.

1 comment:

  1. It's nice to see you out with your children, and the walk round the Skipton castle is a lovely walk, have done it many times. Did you get all the way round and back out to the road at the top of castle ? Or was it to muddy , there are lots of Snowdrop up there.
    Amanda xx