Wednesday, 7 May 2014


If you have small children (or have in the past), you will know about pants!!
Over the years I have thrown away a lot of pants or trousers with holes in the knees.
At Christmas my little boy got some lovely soft jeans, but before long they had a hole. . . . 

What about a patch?  Matching denim is very difficult, so something else was needed.

The eyes of a Ninjago!!  (Lego eyes)

I drew the eyes on my yellow fabric in pencil then went over it with my Sharpie marker.
Then using the sewing machine, I went over it with black stitching.
The yellow fabric was attached to a piece of denim, then 'just' sew it into the leg of the jeans!! 

I added a similar patch inside the other leg as the fabric is quite thin on that knee as well.

Maybe its a lot of work to save a pair of jeans, but it was fun and he thinks there cool. 
One happy customer and a happy Mum.


  1. This looks cool, I won't show my husband as he will want it doing to his jeans !

    1. I think there's an age limit for patches on your jeans!! Sarah

  2. That is soooooo coooool! I want to put holes in my jeans just to do this.... but I am in my 40's and probably shouldn't. :,)
    Hi! I just came over from Tales from a Happy House, and just wanted to say I like the blog. Please may I come back again?