Friday, 3 July 2015

The End . . . .

Day 30

Wow, 30 Days Wild, I cant believe its all come to an end.

Finishing off with some sunshine knitting.

I didn't complete a lot of the things I wanted. We didn't really get out and about, no trips to the river or the beach. We didn't have any suitable rain to dance in (my son really wanted to dance in the rain). I wish we'd done more family walks. . . . 

But I think its been a success, its made us spent more time outdoors (even though its been mainly at home)

(I'm not making excuses, but we started some big DIY this month which is still on going, its taken up lots of time and energy. More to follow)


  1. Well done, you've done some good stuff in the 30 days and I've enjoyed dropping by daily to read what you've been up to.

  2. Well I think you've had a good month, especially when you have things going on at home as well. Enjoyed all your posts so well done, you can do the things you missed during the summer holl's.
    Amanda xx