Monday, 13 July 2015

Lists of lists.....

Wow, it feels like an age since I blogged. Hopefully normal (ish) blogging is not too far away!

It's been a busy old time at our house,
We've had the first of our July birthdays.
We've ripped out our old kitchen.
We've had a week with no cooking or washing up facilities.
We still have no drain in our sink.
We have no washing machine. 
We have some kitchen units but no doors.

On our list this week is
Put up wall cupboards.
Attach the drain to the sink.
Plumb in the washing machine.
Loads more kitchen related stuff.......

Also we have 
A summer drama show.
An awards ceremony.
A evening play, an afternoon showing and another evening showing !!
Friends visiting.
A school trip.
And the small issue of a boy's birthday party.

Normally I love a list, but at the moment the list just keeps getting longer and I'm not really crossing anything off.

1 comment:

  1. I too am a great one for lists, but lately I am overwhelmed with the list just getting longer and longer. You seem to have a time scale for your list so that has got to be a good thing, good luck with it all.