Monday, 30 December 2013

A special arrival!!

Over the Christmas period we have been expecting a special arrival in our family (not in our house!!)

My Sister told us many months ago that she was expecting a baby at 'Christmas time'.

Any excuse for some sewing I say . . . . .

The first sewing project was inspired by the lovely badgers over at Teawagontales. I though I'd make one for the new baby, one for the soon to be big sister and a couple for my two children.

The next sewing project was a pencil crayon wrap for the soon to be big sister.

This challenged my sewing skills.

The main body of the crayon wrap was added then turned right side out 
(through a way too small a hole!!)

Then early on boxing day morning I received the awaited phone call, the baby had arrived!!!
A beautiful baby girl.

Out with the sewing machine again, maybe just a small bag . . . . 

As I now had a name I decided on two matching drawstring bags, (one for big sister and one for baby girl!!!) with there names on.

I used some iron on stiffening, cut it into the required letters, then ironed it onto some white fabric. I then turned a hem all the way around each letter ready to sew onto the bag fabric.

Once sewn onto the bag fabric I added a plain lining and the channel for the drawstring.

On our first trip to meet my new niece we stopped at the shops and bought a little note pad to go with the crayons. Then we oggled all the beautiful baby clothes, before finally choosing some lovely babygrows with bunnies on to go in the bag.

P.S.  When your children are older like mine you soon forget how small newborns are.
My niece is tiny, beautiful, perfect, but tiny!


  1. I bet she isn't as perfect as your eldest niece ;-)

    1. Sounds just like something my eldest niece would say!!!! It may say anonymous but I have a good idea who it is. Sarah

  2. I bet she isn't as perfect as your eldest niece ;-)

  3. Congratulations on the new arrival...and I would like to wish you and your family a happy new year for 2014..
    Amanda x

    1. Hoping 2014 brings you lots of happy times (and lots of crafting times) sarah.