Friday, 20 December 2013

A bit of DIY. . . . . .

So way back in October we did our 'bit' of DIY.
Look at the beautiful fire we have had for the last three years!!

Because we where having a new boiler, the fire had to go, yipee
(the boiler was behind the fire, in the chimney and was fitted when the house was built back in the early 1970)

The gas engineer removed the fire and the boiler. That's the boiler in the photo below.

Then we removed some plaster to try to find a supporting lintel.

We opened up the hole to a size we liked. 

Then my other half used his very limited building skills to build up the sides of the hole. (I issued ideas and suggestions from the sofa)

Then I harassed  rang a plasterer and he was good enough to fit us in on a Saturday.

We then did all the decorating (just like that!! - I found it exhausting doing this room).
After all the paint had dried we fit the stone flag, once again using new found DIY skills.

So there you have it, one big job ticked off for this year.
Just the kitchen to do . . . maybe next year. . . . 


  1. are you going to put another fire in, or leave it ? Dose look good without one.
    My big wish is to have a wood burner, cheaper to have it put in in the summer, so if we don't go on holl's this next year that's what I want to do.
    Have a happy Christmas and thank you for all the kind comments you have posted over the last few months. Going to take a little break over the Christmas holl's to much going on. And have a happy new year.

  2. Ha! We had the same type of fire in our old house. The day it disappeared was a happy day, not so much for our rabbit who had managed to find a way to get behind it and hide up the chimney!

    Best wished for Christmas and the New Year.