Tuesday, 10 December 2013

On my lovely table. . .

On my lovely table this week (well last week actually) is a lovely gift from a good friend over in Sweden. Its a traditional Swedish Princess Cake (sadly not edible). The lady who makes them can be found here!

Also this week we had the finished snood/cowl. (A big Thank you to all who left a comment, they really are appreciated)

Next we have a little bit of Christmas creeping in. All my cards are now written out and ready to go and we have received a few too!

Lastly we have Albert and Violet...

Its a long story, but we have Elves to stay in the run up to Christmas.
They arrive by 'magic' and are suppose to watch out for good behavior, to report back to Father Christmas.
But the are very mischievous and play tricks on the children when they are out at school or overnight when they are sleeping.

(having written down the 'Elf Saga' I realise just how crazy I sound)


  1. Ahhh but remember, craziness breeds creativity! ;) loving the snood. has it had an outing yet? x

    1. It's very 'creative' then at our house!! I've tested the snood out, but keep forgetting to take it off when I get back in. It's lovely and warm. Sarah

  2. I do like the two Elfs have a soft spot for them this year...been full of cold and not feeling the Christmas spirit this last week.
    Look forward to seeing what you make this week.

  3. You are surrounded by so many lovely things.You are so lucky. I like the Nordic knit, it seems so difficult to me.