Thursday, 5 December 2013

Knit Nordic

The other week I headed out to the local library for a book on Jelly Rolls Quilts.

I got slightly side tracked and came home with 'Knit Nordic'  by Eline Oftedal.

Inside the book there are some amazing projects.

Although the hotpants  - I don't think are for me!!!

I chose a simple Snood. I already had a ball of grey wool (left over from my hat) so I bought a couple of balls of cream wool and cast on.

It did take quite a bit of concentration, I can't really hold a conversation whilst knitting anything other than plain knit, also watching TV is out!!

Whilst the children had breakfast this morning I started the last few rows of k2 p2.

Back from the school run and I cast off. (no I haven't sewn in the ends, but hopefully later today)

The finished Snood!!

I will be hopefully wearing it later today on a very windy walk to school.
(If you live in the UK, its very windy)


  1. tell me about it! our office is next to one of the worst buildings in the country for wind tunnels, and that wind tunnel is hitting the corner i work in! Lots of feeling seasick, shaky monitors and my chair just rolled on its own! we're not even in the windiest area at the moment!

  2. Wow your cowl looks amazing....well done. I can not knit at all, have tred but not happening.

  3. Absolutely stunning - it is a very long time since I knitted anything that complex (Im into knocking out those scarfs made from that frilly type yarn you can buy these days) but Im inspired to have a go again after seeing this!


  4. Oh my word, that's gorgeous. I love knitwear with a wintry, nordic feel and this is right up my street. Sadly, my knitting skills are not up to the task but I never felt so motivated to improve! (Not sure about the hot pants though...) x

  5. I love that pattern and your snood came out so well! Thanks for buying the book :O)