Monday, 16 December 2013

On my lovely table. . . .

Early on last week my lovely table looked like this, clutter free!!

Then work.
Although my shop job finished last week for Christmas, my working from home job just carries on.
I brought home a roll of drawings to help me with a proposal drawing. The drawings are from back in 1996 and where drawn by me!! Talk about make me feel old. 

For a pre Christmas treat, we headed off for a panto on Saturday night. It was Cinderella with Ted Robbins.
We had a great time, lots of shouting, sweets, clapping, boooing, etc.

Lastly on my lovely table was a surprise mixer. On a trip to see my Mum and Dad-in-law it was mentioned that there was an almost unused mixer in the loft, did I want to take it on a long loan?

Well YES!!

When I've completed my jobs for the day I will take it out of the box, then what to make.... cake.....biscuit....meringue...bread...

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