Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Half Term Fun cont. . .

Did you know, the most southerly point of Scotland is The Mull of Galloway?

This was quite a trip, single track road for miles.

But the view was amazing.

After the cliffs we headed down to the sea at Port Logan.

Look at that bathing beauty!! Every chance he gets, his shoes and socks are off and he's in the sea (only to his ankles!!)

Another dog friendly place to visit was Logan Fishpond.

My son really enjoyed finding out about all things 'Rockpool' related!

We even had a hold of the starfish.

Then back to base for yet more rock pooling!!

Just a few crabs . . . . . 

And some dramatic squealing for the camera as my Son nearly lost his hand to a crustacean.

(Not really, we found the claw in the sea)

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun, such a beautiful place to visit.