Thursday, 2 August 2012

A sunny day at the sea side (well a bit sunny)

This post and maybe a few to come is all thanks to this little (free) book below. I've followed a lovely blog for some time now called  'The Vintage Magpie' and a few days ago she blogged about a booklet called   '50 things to do before your 11 3/4'.

I search for my nearest National Trust property, rang to check they had the booklet, then coincided a trip out in the appropriate direction.

Today the forecast was for sun, so off we went to the beach. The children discussed all the things on the list that could be done at the beach - bury someone in the sand, catch a crab, go wild swimming etc.

The weather looks a bit chilly in the photos but it was quite warm. Sadly not warm enough for wild swimming. (I was happy for them to try it, I even brought spare clothes, but no it was too cold). In the lower photo, that's surfing on drift wood!!!
The sand wasn't sandy enough to bury anyone and there was not a crab in sight. So what else was on the list ? Flying a kite!!

There was very little wind but plenty for a couple of pocket kites. The kites had to be pulled in as the rain began to fall. So back to the car, complete with sandy shoes, wet trousers and pockets full of rocks.

Just to add, the rain was very heavy at home so Miss decided to 'Run around in the rain', another one off the list. (I could watch from inside the house)

Maybe tomorrow we can 'Climb a tree' or 'Make a mud pie'

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