Thursday, 16 August 2012


Sorry no sewing again today (although I did buy some fabric yesterday)

Today we took a trip to the Butterfly House in Lancaster. The day started out wet but this would not matter as we would be indoors.

The top photo shows Ashton Memorial which has fantastic views over Morecambe bay and the City of Lancaster. Around the side/back is the butterfly house and cafe. The children ran ahead leaving me and my Mum behind.

Once inside the butterfly house it takes a while to acclimatise, even in the summer months it feels so hot and humid. The first lot of photos didn't look so great as the camera had steam on the lens!!!

All the butterflies are free flying and land where ever and on whoever they want, which the children loved. (not so sure myself, I had a tendency to jump and squeal a little - quite embarrassing)

There is also a bug house (too dark for photos) which my little boy loved, snakes, finches, rabbit and guinea pigs. After a couple of trips around all the creatures we went back out into the park.

The weather had improved, so we went onto the park before the trip home.

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