Sunday, 19 August 2012

Little Fish

Just recently I saw a small fish on a friends blog. It was a crochet fish in orange. Then on a trip to my local fabric shop I saw some fish fabric. The rusty cogs in my sewing brain began to move (very slowly). Sadly orange isn't a colour I have used much, but red is (you can get red fish, I'm sure).
After a quick look through some patterns on ravelry I picked up my needles.

Then Sunday afternoon, when most of my jobs where done, out came the sewing machine. I had a little company for some of the time. (encroaching on my limited space!!!)

Just a few finishing touches to go, like how to suspend your fish and does a fish get lonely, will he need a friend, etc, then it will be finished. Do you want a look anyway?

He does look happy, but already I'm thinking, with smaller needles and finer wool he could have a friend. There's room in that tank for two fish don't you think!!!


  1. loving little fishy! :) he does need a little friend i think! x

  2. That's so adorable! You could make him the whole cast of Nemo to keep him company x