Saturday, 4 August 2012

A project from the past!!

Some children have a cherished toy. A toy that goes every where, days out, visits to see family, to the shops and obviously too bed. My Daughter had 'Funny Ted' for many years. After one too many near misses (occasions where they are lost for several panicky hours) 'Funny Ted' was placed on house arrest - no more days out (too dangerous).

Then we got 'Cutie' the dog. She was new, not yet so cherished and allowed out. But cutie had no where to sleep when home alone (she wasn't allowed to go to school).

So, I love to sew and sewing for a practical purpose is easily justified, if by chance tea is late or a mess is produced. Cuties kennel was born.

A kennel needs to be easily moved with its very own bone handle. Opening and closing front door, in pink - of course and finally the roof must open to allow blankets & bowls to be arranged.

Cuties house has been well used, allowing dog friends to visit and Cutie to travel around in style. She soon became a cherished little dog and remains in the best place on my Daughters bed.

This project was a joy to make. Using cheap wadding inside the walls and roof gave it just enough strength to allow for the occasional 'squashing'. The roof fabric was an old school skirt with scallop stitching to represent roof tiles, the weight of the wadding keeps the door closed. The front door was double thickness felt (not fancy expensive felt) sewn into position with buttons as decoration. A small piece of Velcro holds the door closed. I'm sure the kennel idea could be adapted to make other pet carriers. Just pick your pet !!

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  1. I've been asked to add that Cuties the one in the kennel and Russ is sitting outside. Sarah