Friday, 10 August 2012

Camping, sorry thats 'Wild Camping'

So looking at the list of '50 things to do before your 11.3/4' we spotted number 3 Camp out in the wild. This would be easily achievable. My family had booked to go to the Lake District camping, so we tagged along.

Our destination was Hawkshead. After setting up camp we all went for a walk through the village.

The second day we visited the lovely town of Ambleside, the weather didn't start out great but brightened up later on. Sadly my camera ran out of batteries so no photos (why didn't you charge it before you set off? yes I asked myself that question).

On the third day we had a 'little' walk to Tarn Hows. The route said it was 5 miles but seamed a lot longer, luckily the weather was sunny with only a few showers. (all my photos are taken with my phone and my little boy has the compass out, but we did follow a map)

On the last day we decided to take the ferry across Lake Windermere. My little boy was so excited, its only a short ferry crossing but you would have thought he was going on a world cruise!!

Once we had crossed Windermere on the ferry we had a walk around Bowness. Although the town has some lovely buildings, gardens, little churches etc. it is FULL of people, which makes taking photos with a phone pretty difficult!!

So the following day we packed up our car and headed home. When you are away from home with no distractions (TV, internet, computer games, etc.) you realise how easily entertained the children are. A small stream, permission to get wet & muddy and they couldn't have been happier. Even on our long walk they ran ahead with sticks playing Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

My suggestion for a successful 'wild camping' trip would definitely be to take some extras, family or friends the more the merrier.

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  1. We´ve had a great holiday both travelling and just taking it easy at home, kind of dreading going back to work/school/strict routine :(