Monday, 9 July 2012

Birthday, Birthday and another Birthday!!!!

So July is a busy Birthday month at our house. Three out of the four Family Birthdays fall in July. For my daughters birthday I made the party goers wash bag / party bags. But for my son I thought standard draw string bags on a pirate theme.

So here we have the basic black cotton bag with a skull and cross bones motif. The motif is made from felt and hand stitched into place. (It would have been much faster on the machine !!)

After sewing along the top edge (shown in the first two photos), its then just a case of pushing the insides... inside. Adding the red ribbon brightened up the bags ready for filling.

The contents of the bags where chosen by my son - snakes, water pistols, pencils, rubbers and the compulsory cake.


  1. They look fab and I'm sure they'll go down a treat with the boys! CH

  2. :) they are so cool!! you make it look sooooo simple!! xx